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Is Wii Fit America’s Fitness Answer?
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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The Positives:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) check to provide some information about your overall health.
  • A variety of programs: aerobics, yoga, strength training, balance, boxing, tennis, and more.
  • It doesn’t take up as much space as other home exercise equipment might.
  • It can burn calories!!
  • It’s fun!

The Negatives:

  • It’s expensive, and the reality is that you can do these same exercises without a Wii Fit.
  • The BMI measurement can be faulty as it is based on weight and height. Someone with a high weight because he is a body builder would be told he was overweight, when in reality he is just muscular.
  • The balance test does not provide an accurate tool for assessing one’s physical fitness levels.
  • You may be performing exercises incorrectly which could lead to an ineffective workout, or worse, injury.

Overall Assessment:

Wii Fit is a great introductory tool for fitness, but definitely should not be the extent of your workout regime! If it gets you off the couch: wonderful! Working out should not stop there, however. The strength training routine provides a good challenge, but cardiovascular exercise can be more intense and varied. To sum it up: Wii Fit can provide a good base and help you burn some calories, but over time I would suggest you incorporate other activities into your exercise regime if you want to achieve optimal physical fitness.

My Recommendations:

  • If you’re going to use Wii Fit, mix it up with other activities! Take a walk, go to a yoga class, or check out workout DVDs from your library to try at home.
  • Make sure you are also following a balanced diet. Check out the meal plans available on my website!
  • Make a commitment to yourself. Find a vision that motivates you and don’t lose sight of it! Your mindset is often the main challenge!

Have you tried Wii Fit? What were the results for you?

We’ve all heard the staggering statistics about how the vast majority of Americans are overweight and obese. We know it’s linked in part to lack of exercise as we’ve become a more sedentary nation that is more likely to play sports through the Xbox than out on the field. That’s why the concept of Wii Fit is so intriguing – a videogame that actually requires movement! It sounds genius, right? But does it really work?

Have you tried Wii Fit? Please tell us about your results!

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