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Mitzi Dulan – America's Nutrition Expert
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Mitzi Dulan, America’s Nutrition Expert®, helps busy people achieve optimal performance.
A uniquely qualified professional speaker, Mitzi is a registered dietitian (RD) and Certified Health and Fitness Instructor (HFI). She is currently the team nutritionist for the Kansas City Royals and previously served as the Kansas City Chiefs Team Nutritionist for 8 years.
Mitzi brings her skills from working with professional athletes and applies them to organizations wanting to improve energy and performance of their employees. She shares stories and teaches her audiences how to perform their very best whether it is in the board room, on a sales call, or at a conference.
As a nutrition and health speaker, Mitzi’s dynamic style and sense of humor help her audiences feel motivated to improve their own health and nutrition.
Mitzi’s client list includes venture capitalists, CEOs, CFOs, lawyers, doctors, sales reps, and stock brokers from companies like Sun Microsystems, Oracle, CNET, Levi’s and Gap. She knows how to speak to the busy professional and understands the challenges they face.
Meeting Planner’s Kit
Find out how Mitzi can customize a program for your unique needs
Mitzi is a nutrition, health and wellness speaker and is happy to design a program for the unique needs of your organization. She offers keynotes as well as full and half-day seminars.
Building a Better Bottom Line by Building a Better You
Learn how making simple changes by applying the “just a little bit” principle on a daily basis can create big results in both your personal and professional life. Mitzi’s no-excuses approach to living is guaranteed to improve y our health and performance. She will discuss the 6 surefire steps to reaching your true potential.
8 Habits to Optimum Performance for the Busy Professional
What you eat affects energy levels, productivity and ultimately your performance. This program guides you on how to fuel both your mind and body to achieve peak performance on the go. Mitzi teaches you her no-nonsense approach to exercise with little time. She also gives you the scoop on how to eat in restaurants, hotels, and airports so you can make smart choices to achieve results.
Mental Nutrition® 101
We have all heard that we should eat well to perform our best but have you ever thought about what kind of information you are feeding your mind? Is your mind malnourished? This program shows you how the information you put into your body (just like the food) can help you live better and improve both your personal and professional performance. Mitzi shares her strategies for increasing your physical and mental nutrition to play at the top of your game.
The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin
As the #1 Nutritionist on Pinterest, Mitzi shares how you can use the power of Pinterest to lose weight and get fit. With over 3.8 million highly engaged followers she shares her secret Pinterest recipes for successful weight loss.
Supercharge Your Health and Performance (Full Day or Half Day Seminars)
In this fun and interactive program, you will have the opportunity to assess what is preventing you from reaching your true potential. What are you eating? Are you physically active? Do you get enough sleep? Is your mind malnourished? Are you enjoying life? Mitzi will give you the 8 key ingredients to live better by providing practical tips for improving your health and performance. You will walk away from this program ready to implement your customized action plan immediately to improve your energy and health.
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