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Mitzi Dulan – America's Nutrition Expert
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“I must admit that I was a bit skeptical when Mitzi presented me with a dietary program that would help my weight and bring down my blood sugar from my Type 2 Diabetes. After all, I had tried everything. However, when the first 15 pounds came off, and my blood sugar levels got lower than ever before, I was a believer!

To date, my fasting blood sugar levels are also where they need to be. I have shed 30 pounds as a bonus – down to 188 I am 6′ 1″ and now even my 36″ pants are fitting loosely. I can’t even remember the last time I could say that!”

– Bryan Busby, KMBC 9 News Chief Meteorologist

“Mitzi Dulan has personally helped me change my life! When it comes to nutrition and what to eat, Mitzi is the best! She definitely knows her stuff and is able to passionately communicate the latest diet research in a practical, easy-to-implement way.”

– Tony Gonzalez, 13-year NFL Veteran, Future Hall-of-Famer

“Anytime I can line up with Tony Gonzalez I appreciate the opportunity, whether it be on the football field, in this great book, or just as a person I have great respect for. The All-Pro Diet works for him and it will work for you! Tony is a special person and a special football player, so when he offers his approach to diet, exercise, and success– listen!″

– Coach Dick Vermeil, SuperBowl XXXIV Champion

“Mitzi Dulan served as the Team Nutritionist during my NFL Career with the Kansas City Chiefs. She is truly an expert in the field. Mitzi helped me reach my goals to eat properly for optimal performance all while providing options that accommodated my intense workout sessions and busy day to day schedule.”

– Priest Holmes, Super Bowl Champion, 11-year NFL Veteran, Three-time NFL Pro Bowl Selection

“Start with a foundation of knowledge and common sense tips and tricks, add an articulate message that is easy for everyone in the audience  to understand and implement then cap it off with a touch of fun and what do you have…. Mitzi Dulan.  A must have presenter for any group that wants to know how to live a healthier and happier life.”

– Sandra Wiley, COO, Boomer Consulting

“Tony Gonzalez and Mitzi Dulan are two of the best at what they do. The All-Pro Diet is full of practical information backed by scientific evidence. This book is a must read for anyone whanted to perform their best, be healthy and live like a pro!”

– Jeff Hurd, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, San Diego Chargers

“As a professional football player heading into my 14th season in the NFL, I understand there are many important components to maintain an optimal training regimen so I can perform my best on game day. Since working with Mitzi Dulan over the past four years, I have learned that nutrition is a key component for me to have the highest level of strength, stamina and energy. Mitzi has done a tremendous job in providing me with the necessary tools and information to help me to use nutrition as a competitive advantage and reach my full potential as a professional athlete. Whether it is on the football field or in the boardroom, Mitzi can help you perform at the top of your game!”

– Tony Richardson, All-Pro, Three-time NFL Pro Bowl Fullback, New York Jets

“Our Forumn Group is composed of high-achieving women who have heard many speakers. You are a dynamic and motivating speaker who won us over with your passion…they left ready to take action!”

– Missy Love, President, Alaskan Fur

“As a professional athlete, I need to be lean and have enough energy to perform at the highest level possible. Mitzi Dulan not only helped me to cut body fat but also allowed me to perform at a level I never knew existed. Whether you are an athlete or a “nine to fiver”, Mitzi’s knowledge can help you look and feel better! As a nutritionist and dietitian, Mitzi is in a league of her own!”

– Mike Sweeney, Five-time MLB All-Star, Kansas City Royals

“Thanks for all of your help. Go Chiefs!”

– Trent Green, Pro Bowl Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

“Okay people, here it is…you can choose a long life or nothing at all. We all sit around and wish we looked like the cover of a fitness magazine, surprise…you can! It starts with you getting off your rear-end and stop feeling sorry for yourself. That’s step one. Step two is to call Mitzi Dulan. She is AWESOME at finding a balance with your eating habits and workouts. The day I met with Mitzi changed my life! I am the type of person who is always in shape, but Mitzi took me to another level. I’m also able to help my family with eating right and that’s helping them to start life on the right foot. So, if you want to choose a long healthy life, give Mitzi a chance to enhance your life. I did and I feel great!”

– Eddie Kennison, Wide Receiver, Kansas City Chiefs

“The best nutritionist in town!”

– Dante Hall, Pro Bowl Returner, St. Louis Rams

“Thank you! I’ve received excellent feedback about your presentations!”

– Andrea Ridgway , Arkansas Department of Public Health

“You did a wonderful job! Our audience members are still talking about your presentation!”

– Pam Dove, Portage Health System

“Mitzi has played a significant role in educating our players in the importance of performance nutrition and how it affects them both on and off the court.”

– Mark Grabow, Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Golden State Warriors

“Mitzi Dulan has the rare ability to communicate complicated nutrition information into realistic tools and strategies for clients. She is an amazing colleague who I often turn to for professional support, not only with nutrition, but also business sense. It’s great to share the entrepreneurial spirit with someone who is like minded and shares the same goals!”

– Christopher R. Mohr, PhD, RD,

“After meeting with Mitzi, I set my PR in a half-Ironman! I cannot tell you how satisfied I feel now that I made the changes you suggested. It is so nice not to feel hungry all day. The snack ideas have worked great too and we are taking the vitamins you recommended. Thank you so much for all of your help!”

– Amy Torres, Leawood, KS

“I was introduced to Mitzi by my wife, who had signed me up for three visits in an effort, to help me lose 30 pounds. I did not like the idea, but knew I needed to lose the weight. Mitzi provided me with nutritional knowledge about foods and different food types; a workable plan that did not leave my hungry; a rational approach to weight maintenance and loss that I can execute for the rest of my life; and dispelled many myths about food I had before seeing her. Mitzi’s advice and skill as a nutritionist allowed me to lose the weight, which I had been unable to do before seeing her. Her advice is sensible and do-able. If I can do it, anybody can, just listen and execute!”

– Craig Swartzell, Overland Park, KS
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