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BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza Take 2!
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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I love it when a recipe goes viral. Well, my BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza has so I wanted to give you a few modifications and also share a great video.

As a healthy, low-calorie, protein packed option, this BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza is both satisfying and convenient enough to incorporate into your weekly meal plans, saving you time in the kitchen. To create this delicious crowd pleasing recipe, you need 10 minutes and 6 simple ingredients.

The flatbread, which acts as the crust of the pizza meets the grain requirement and adds protein. The next layer, the BBQ sauce acts as the marinara and adds flavor to the dish. You could add pineapple to switch it up a little or you could change it up with an alternative pesto or tomato base. The next layer is shredded cheese, both mozzarella and cheddar, which add calcium and protein. To mix it up, you could add more or less of each cheese or incorporate other cheeses. The grilled BBQ chicken, which will be your main topping adds the protein to the dish to keep you full throughout the day. The BBQ chicken can be switched for a seafood option such as shrimp or a vegetarian tofu option. The other toppings of onions and cilantro add flavor and color and more toppings can be added.

This BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza is simple to construct and popular among families because you can choose to customize to your liking. You can make a vegetarian option with feta, black olives and spinach. Or customize a spicy pepper pizza. The options are endless!

Check out this video on making the BBQ Chicken Flatbread Pizza!

Disclosure: I am a spokesperson for Flatout. Opinions are my own.

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