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How To Beat Food Cravings
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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Cravings- we all have them. Whether you have the urge for something salty, sweet, or in-between, giving in to every craving can really undo your healthy eating. Many things such as boredom, certain emotions, or locations can trigger cravings. Next time you have the urge to splurge, ask yourself, “Why do I want this?” Are you sitting on the couch watching television? Did you have a hard day at work? Did you walk by your favorite bakery on the trip home? Figuring out why you are craving something is the key to putting an end to it.  Whether you are triggered by habits, emotion, or actual hunger, here are some ideas for putting an end to your cravings.

Cravings Due to Habit

Old habits die hard- this is extremely true when it comes to food habits. If you can’t walk by the vending machine without buying something, take an alternate route. Same goes for your favorite bakery or restaurant you pass on your way home. Removing temptation is key for staying strong. If it’s something beyond your control, such as your boss bringing doughnuts to the office each day, politely ask him to keep them behind a wall or in his office so you can’t see them.

Emotional Cravings

Your boss yelled at you at work, the kids are screaming, and your best friend hasn’t spoken to you since you mentioned her new boyfriend is kind of a jerk. Some days are just awful, and all you can think about is eating the pain away. It can be very difficult to manage, but dealing with your problems head on is a better solution. Instead of curling on the couch with a pint of ice cream, brainstorm how you can improve your performance at work, call your friend and apologize, and de-stress by taking a bath; you’ll feel much better afterwards.


It’s two o-clock and the candy dish down the hall just seems to be calling your name. While it would be easy to quiet your craving by simply delving into the candy dish, ask yourself whether or not you’d be happy eating an apple. If not, it’s just a craving, and start a new task to keep your mind occupied. Also ask yourself if you ate a good source of protein for dinner. Hunger is often due to making poor choices that aren’t satisfying. However, if you are hungry, pull out a healthy snack.  Not only will your hunger be satisfied, but you will also be happy knowing you didn’t ruin your day and chose a healthy option.

What are your favorite ways of dealing with cravings?

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