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by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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When it comes to losing and maintaining weight over the long term we all know exercise is important but diet is also equally important if not more for some people.  In today’s culture, with portions out of control, many of us have lost the ability to tune into our bodies in order to eat only when we are hungry and stop eating when we are full.  Research has proven time and time again that when larger portions are set in front of people, they naturally consume more food regardless of hunger or satiety.  A recent iphone app 80 Bites, created by Registered Dietitian Meredith Luce, hopes to break this cycle by helping users focus not only on portion control but mindfulness when eating.

80 Bites is a handy app in that you actually record your bites in real time.   The idea is that you become mindful of the bites you eat, eventually limiting each meal to approximately 25 bites.  Luce suggests that you first spend a few days tracking the bites you would normally eat and then decreased bites by 10 per day until you reach 80.  There is actually a bite history to track your progress.  The thinking is that as you gradually reduce your intake, your stomach shrinks and thus takes less food to help you feel full.  For greater success in weight loss with the app, Luce also suggests examining your fluid consumption, moving from low to no calorie drinks such as water and unsweetened tea as well as choosing higher quality foods such as lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low fat dairy products that will help sustain you and keep you satisfied during the course of the day.

The app includes the following features:

Tap screen to record bites in real time
• Sound indicates each time you take a bite (can be turned off).
• Sounds changes as you reach bite limit for each meal and snack.
• Fun & intuitive design
• Tracks when and how much you eat each day
• Displays graph of daily and weekly bite consumption
• View percentages for over or under daily bite limits
• Calming & meditative
• Paces your eating to aid in digestion

For more information on this app checkout Luce’s program

Research Assistance Provided by:  Sarah Volling


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