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5 Tips to Eat Healthy on Vacation
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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With the kids out of school and warm weather outside, it’s time for some adventures! Many people stress about maintaining their healthy eating habits and active lifestyle on the road. When we’re on vacation, we just want to relax, enjoy time with family/friends and indulge. This may first appear as an equation for weight gain, but think again! Follow these tips to feel great post-vacation that will have everyone wondering where you went!

1. Drink H2O! During vacation, we often consume more alcohol which is full of empty calories. Try not to go crazy by including a water between drinks. Inhibitions from alcohol may result in more eating, so limiting it will prevent late night binges.

2. Walk, walk, walk! It’s time to reunite with an old friend: walking. It’s often the best way to see new places (think Las Vegas and New York City!) and burns calories. Bring a camera and take lots of pictures. You can’t get the same view from a cab! Do some research ahead of time and if your hotel has a gym, use it in the morning before everyone gets up. A quick 30 minutes on the elliptical, treadmill or bike can do wonders.

3. Indulge wisely. You’re on vacation, have dessert! The easiest way to have your cake and stay slim is sharing. Order desserts for the table and try a spoonful of each. You’ll feel satisfied because you didn’t deprive yourself and remain within your caloric budget.

4. Salads! In hot weather, salads are a staple. They also are a sure fire way to get some veggies! Order one with dressing on the side to make it super healthy. Make sure you get a protein (think chicken, tuna, salmon) with it so you’ll stay fuller longer.

5. Have fun! When we’re happy and on vacation we can also justify eating everything and anything in sight. Enjoy yourself but don’t sabotage 3 months of hard work!

Now start packing, relaxation awaits! Are you going anywhere fun this summer? Have tricks for traveling? Comment on this post and let me know!

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