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Crave Your Sweets And Eat Them Too With THIS Nutrition Tip!
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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As humans were are predisposed to love sweet tasting food.  A mother’s breast milk is sweet and most babies will be inclined to enjoy sweet potatoes over regular potatoes any day.  As we get older, foods that are high in sugar can lead to increased weight gain.  This is partially due to the fact that things that are high in sugar are also high in calories and also because these foods tend to create an insulin surge which promotes the deposition of fat.  So how can you satisfy that sweet tooth while still consuming quality nutrients with a limited calorie impact?  Make FRUIT the centerpiece of your dessert!  Fruit is naturally sweet and high in fiber which will satisfy and help maintain steady blood glucose.  Below are some tried and true recipes featuring fruit that you will enjoy!

  • Fruit Gelato:
    • Take 2.5lbs of any fresh fruit you enjoy.  The quality of the fruit will greatly affect this recipe so be sure it is fresh and ripe.  I prepare my gelato with peaches that I froze from summer.  Chop the fresh fruit into small pieces and spread it out in a single layer on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  Freeze the fruit for two hours.  Add the frozen fruit, ¼ cup of sugar and ½ cup of Greek Yogurt to a food processor and process until smooth.  Serve with a dollop of whipped cream.  This dessert will provide fiber, protein, healthy bacteria for you digestive track and a variety of vitamins & minerals!
  • Fruit Crisps:
    • Take about 3 cups of fresh apples, pears or peaches and peel, core, and chop them into bite size pieces.  Arrange fruit pieces in a pie dish and top with a crumb mixture that consists of ½ cup of uncooked oats, 2/3 cup brown sugar, ½ cup of flour, ¼ tsp. of cinnamon and nutmeg, 1/3 cup softened butter mixed together until crumbly.  Bake at 375o for 30 minutes.  Serve with a scoop of light vanilla ice cream or serve with 1% organic skim milk.
  • Fruit Dips:
    • Combine 3/4 cup plain Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice and 2 tbsp. sugar in a bowl. Serve with fresh fruit.  The fresh lemon flavor of this dip complements almost any kind of fruit.
    • Puree a kiwi with 1/2 cup frozen berries and 2 tbsp. honey. Stir together with 8 oz plain non-fat Greek yogurt.
  • Fruit Toppings:
    • Take 1-2 cups of fresh berries such as blueberries or strawberries and boil them with a T of lemon juice and honey until the fruit breaks down and the mixture thickens—approximately 10 minutes.  Serve alone or top of Greek yogurt or whole wheat pancakes.

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