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7 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain When Snowed In!
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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Snow outside of my house in Leawood, Kansas

As I’m sitting in my home office watching the snow fall and accumulate into what weather peeps are calling Blizzard 2011 in Kansas City, I’m thinking about what I’m going to eat today and which snowy treats my kids will want to create in my kitchen (I’m thinking Snow Berry Smoothies)!

Then, I realized, I’m quite sure I eat more calories on Snow Days than regular days. I wanted to create a plan to prevent a snowed in weight gain and help you keep your diet and exercise on track!

Here are my 5 top tips for avoiding the weight gain during snow days and until you can return to your normal schedule.

1. Avoid grazing all day long. It is tempting since you might be a bit bored from watching tv. However, you will eat too many calories if you eat all day. Instead, aim to eat 3 meals and you can have 1 snack  that packs some protein to satisfy like almonds or Greek yogurt.

2. Get out and play with the kids. Whether it is sledding or just going outside and playing in the snow, this will prevent you from eating and burn some calories. The kids usually love it when their parents come out during snow storms, too!

3. Do a Tabata. Tabata training is highly intense exercise for 20 seconds at a time and 10 seconds rest. You repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes. Here’s a video of what you should do. The great news is that you do not need any equipment. Just use your body.

4. Shovel snow. First, if you have any heart issues or other health problems, I do not recommend as it can be very hard on your heart. Based on your weight, you can easily burn between 200-300 calories from 30 minutes of shoveling snow. You can go out a few times a day and shovel to boost your calorie burn and clear your driveway or sidewalk at the same time.

5. Stay out of the kitchen. The more times you go to your kitchen you are more likely to eat something because you are bored and just looking for something to eat. Instead, read a book, clean your junk drawer or closets, do laundry, or get your taxes organized (this is my plan, today).

6. Drink water. Keep a glass of ice cold water next to you all day so you stay hydrated and it will also help to keep you from munching all day. Also, 3- 24 oz of ice cold water per day will help you BURN an extra 100 calories per day!

7. Enjoy the moment. Put on some music, turn off the tv and relax and enjoy the snow. I know it can cause frustration as it can alter your daily routine but you can’t do anything about so why not just enjoy it!

Stay warm and safe and don’t let a few snow days sabotage your diet and exercise routine!

One thought on “7 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain When Snowed In!

  1. We only got a few inches of snow here in southern CT, but it’s the ice that’s really bad! I’m staying healthy by doing a Pilates video and cooking bulk meals to pack healthy lunches the rest of the week!
    Thanks for these awesome tips Mitzi!

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