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5 Ways to Burn Calories this Winter!
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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Yes the cold weather has finally arrived – but that doesn’t mean you have to stay bundled up inside! It is a common complaint of many to pack on a few pounds during the winter. So why does this happen? For starters there is a physiological reason as to why we eat more during the winter, so don’t feel too bad. Thousands of years ago when you couldn’t simply “turn on the heat” with a switch, the drop in temperature triggered survival mode, urging the need to eat more. In addition to this human condition, today we also have other triggers during the winter such as the desire to stay inside and relax, wear big, bulky clothes that hide any weight gain, and less hours of sunlight to keep us awake.

Don’t fall into the winter weight gain trap. Beat the tendency to put on the pounds with these FIVE ways to burn calories this winter:

  1. BUILD A SNOWMAN: sounds simple? Maybe. But pushing around snow for a few hours can burn quite a few calories. So have fun and see how realistic your snowman can look!
  2. GO ICE-SKATING! You don’t have to be an Olympic skater to have fun on the ice and get in a good workout too!
  3. SHOVEL THE SNOW! Why pay to have your driveway shoveled when you can do it yourself and burn calories! What a great, healthy way to save money!
  4. HAVE FUN SLEDDING! Who said sledding is only fun for kids? Walking up a snowy hill multiple times in bulky clothing and boots will definitely get those muscles moving and heart pumping!
  5. PLAN A SKIING TRIP: Need an idea for a family getaway? Ditch the warm weather this year and try skiing! This is a great winter exercise to bring the family closer together!

Outsmart the Winter Weight Gain this year and have fun while burning calories!

Keep Healthy and Stay Warm!

Research Assistance provided by Marsi Shapiro

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