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Keys to Maintaining Your Workout Routine
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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Experts say that there are three motivating factors to maintaining exercise, based on each person’s needs; there is a competitive component, a companionship component, and an autonomy component. Depending on your style and personality, each of these needs has to be met to a certain capacity. What motivates you the most?

Here are some tips to fuel the fire and reach your fitness goals.

Work out with a buddy and fulfill the need for companionship. Why it works? Numerous studies have shown that exercising with a friend helps to keep you motivated. It could be that you and your friend switch off days of feeling energized, and push each other on days when the other is not feeling so hot. If you feel responsible to another person, not only yourself, then you will be more likely to keep on going.

Create a contest and fuel the competitiveness. Why it works? It doesn’t matter if you are reaching toward a goal of beating yourself or winning a prize, either way you will be inclined to push yourself. Competition is human nature, and when used to your advantage, can be great for your health!

Be responsible to yourself; keep an online workout journal and fuel the autonomy. Why it works? Working out can be a stress reliever, mental health therapy, and a just be a way for you to just have some time for yourself. Buy yourself some new workout clothes or gear, and keep it in eyeshot to remind yourself of your goals and your commitment to yourself.

Most importantly have fun with your routine. Mix it up, find what works for you, and stay out of the exercise rut!

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