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Four Favorite Fall-Time Foods
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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The weather is changing and the leaves are changing! This means fall-time has once again come upon us. There are many things to look forward to fall-time like football, tailgating and Halloween. One of the other things to look for in fall-time is the wonderful variety of fall foods! Add variety to your diet with the tasty foods offered in the fall. Here is a list of the favorite foods of fall-time.

1. Winter Squash

  • Why you should try it: It contains vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, fiber, folate and thiamin.
  • The perfect Winter squash: If it feels heavy, and has no bruises.
  • Best way to eat it: Roasted with olive oil and pepper, add to risotto and soups.
  • Recipe idea: Creamy butternut squash with cinnamon soup, butternut squash casserole, butternut squash chili, butternut squash with rosemary.

2. Brussels Sprouts

  • Why you should try it: It is full of vitamin C, and also contains vitamin A, folate, potassium, fiber and phytochemicals. These seem to have a bad reputation, but give them another chance. Cook these really fast on high heat and blanch to avoid the over cooking.
  • The perfect Brussels Sprouts: Makes sure the leaves are tight and look for no browning on the leaves.
  • Best way to eat it: Plain, roasted, with citrus, with spice, with maple.
  • Recipe ideas: Maple roasted with chestnuts, Horseradish brussels sprouts.

3. Sweet Potatoes

  • Why you should try it: They contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, copper and potassium. They are full of flavor and a better source of vitamin A than regular white potatoes.
  • The perfect Sweet Potato: Potatoes should have tapered ends. Makes sure there are no blemishes, or sprouting on the potato.
  • Best way to eat it: Baked, casseroles, roasted, pureed, soups.
  • Recipe ideas: Sweet potato, apple, lentil soup, caramelized onion and Sweet potato quiche.

    4. Cranberries

    • Why you should try it: Cranberries are packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. They are a burst of flavor in your mouth!
    • The perfect Cranberry: Look for plump and firm berries.
    • Best way to eat it: With salads, in oatmeal and snacking.
    • Recipe ideas: Cranberry glaze for pork chops, Bake into bread, Trail mix, Cranberry chicken pasta, Cranberry green bean salad.

    With assistance provided by Colleen Poling

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