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Nutritionists Love Chocolate, Too!
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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There are a few things that come with the territory when you are a registered dietitian. First, when people are eating unhealthy in front of you, they feel justified to tell you why they are eating it. In reality, I’m not looking or judging what others are eating unless a client is coming to me for help but I do understand why people instinctively want to tell me not to look at what they are eating (even though I’m not in the first place). Secondly, most people are shocked to see me eating anything other than fruits and vegetables.

The truth is, I LOVE FOOD and I REALLY LOVE CHOCOLATE! I believe that food is one of the best pleasures in life and I’m all about enjoying life. The key is knowing how to balance it all out. I like to indulge occasionally just like most non-nutritionists. Just as I tell my clients, I get back on track the next meal or next day. So here is a photo of me eating one of my absolute favorites. Molten Lava Cake with vanilla ice cream, I love the warm with the cold.

Mitzi at Max Brenner's in NYC enjoying molten lava cake!

My good foodie dietitian friend, Robin Plotkin, told me I had to try Max Brenner’s in NYC earlier this summer when I took my daughter’s on a girls trip. We went, and we loved it. So, when I was in NYC last week on business I knew I had to go back, especially because I didn’t see the molten lava cake with ice cream on the menu whenI was there in June until I had already placed my order so I was looking forward to my next visit and it did not disappoint.

Even though this is my favorite dessert I only have it a few times a year when I find it on a menu of a new restaurant I’m trying. So keep in mind, I’m just like most other people. I enjoy good food and indulging on occasion but I try to watch my portions and adjust the rest of my daily food intake to manage my intake. I also eat high quality foods made from scratch. Instead of the HoHo’s, I go for the foods made with ingredients I can pronounce even if that sometimes means butter and sugar. Make sure you still allow yourself to eat your favorites every once in a while but aim to treat yourself with higher quality ingredients versus highly processed foods and don’t let it derail you from your healthy eating. Get right back on track and that is the best way to stay healthy while still eating the foods that give you pleasure.

What is your favorite indulgence?

One thought on “Nutritionists Love Chocolate, Too!

  1. Now that looks wonderful! I’m a big chocolate fan too and I love having a small piece of dark chocolate each day. I love the combo of dark chocolate and peanut butter as well. It’s always fun to have a decadent dessert like that!

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