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8 Ways to Lose Weight Doing House Chores
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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This summer, kill two birds with one stone by getting active while getting things done around the house. On top of that, lose weight along the way! In addition to healthy eating and living an active lifestyle, here is a list of house chores that burns calories (based on a 155-pound person)! So go ahead, get your clean on!

  1. Wash cars. Save money this summer by washing your own car and burn 316 calories per hour! Got some time? Volunteer to wash other people’s car and possibly get some extra cash in your pocket!
  2. Hit the grocery store. Grocery shopping can burn an estimated 246 calories! Be sure to have a snack before you go shopping to prevent impulse food purchases.
  3. Move furniture around. Sick and tired of your bedroom and/or living room arrangement? Move your furniture around and find out the best arrangement for that room and burn 422calories per hour.
  4. Sweep. Sweep the house more often and burn an extra 281 per hour. Get swept away by those extra calories burned!
  5. Install rain gutters. Do it yourself and/or help out with installing rain gutters this summer and burn 422 calories per hour.
  6. Hanging storm windows burns an estimated 352 calories per hour!
  7. Paint. Need a little change? Painting burns an approximate 316 calories per hour.
  8. Mow the lawn and get a nice tan while burning 422 calories per hour. Don’t forget that sunscreen!

Food for Thought: 3,500 calories burned is equal to one pound lost! Have you done any of the above already? What are some kind of things you like to do in the summer that burns calories? Do share!

Research assistance provided by Monica Lobo, RD.

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