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April Fool’s: 5 Food Facts or Fiction?
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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There are so many of them out there. But which ones are true and which ones are truly myths? Below are some of the most popular myths and the answer to whether or not they are fact or fiction.

Low-Fat = Low-Calorie

False. Just because something is low-fat does not mean it is low-calorie. Some products that are “low-fat” may still be loaded with sugar and other ingredients that add to the calorie count—and that’s what really matters. Make sure you check the nutrition facts label to find out how many calories you’re actually consuming.

Chewing Gum Will Help You Lose Weight

True. But before you move on to the next myth keep reading! Chewing gum can help curb hunger and can even help people from giving into cravings but ultimately, chewing gum alone will have little effect on overall weight loss. Think of it as a small tool you can use to help build a stronger weight loss program for yourself. So, instead of reaching for another slice of pie reach into your pocket for a stick of gum. It would be far less calories than the dessert and it can still satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cholesterol Is Bad For You

False. Not all cholesterol is bad. We need cholesterol to help our bodies properly function. Cholesterol aids in hormone formation, the strengthening of cells, bile salt production, and even helps with our immune system. There’s debate whether or not foods high in cholesterol correlates with our bodies increasing in total cholesterol stores. Simply try to stay in the recommended of 300mg per day.

Water Can Be A Weight-Loss Aid

True. Think of water as the motor oil for your car. It is essential for things to run smoothly and efficiently. However, like chewing gum this should be used as a tool for weight loss, not the complete solution. Water is a great calorie-free alternative compared to fruit drinks or pop. Depending on how much pop or juice you consume each day, this could be a big help towards reaching your weight loss goals. Water can also curb your hunger, as some studies have shown that thirst can often times be mistaken for hunger by the body. By staying hydrated throughout the day, you may be able to avoid this confusion for your body.

All Dairy Products Are Fattening

False. There are plenty of great tasting low-fat yogurts, cheeses, milks, and milk products and best of all they are lower in calories than whole milk products. In fact, dietary guidelines suggest three servings of low-fat dairy a day. Studies have even shown that a regular consumption of low-fat dairy products can even help promote weight loss. Bottom line, don’t be weary of dairy.

Research assistance provided by Robert Masterson.

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