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Baby Nutrition: Going Baby Gaga for Solid Foods!
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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Introducing solid foods is an exciting stepping stone for your growing baby. Whether you’ve been breastfeeding, giving formula or doing both, there are lots of nutrient-packed foods out there that I know you absolutely cannot wait to introduce to your eager baby! And remember, try to introduce baby food early! You can start introducing solid foods as early as 4 months given that your baby is showing signs of readiness.

Grains First
You already know to introduce rice cereal first, but don’t forget to explore the other grains! Once you know your baby can tolerate rice cereal, why not try other grain cereals like oats or barley? And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, introducing your baby to whole grains like quinoa and millet will give your baby an opportunity to develop orally. The various textural variety can them learn how to use their mouth and tongue and later on with speech!
Fancy for Fruits
Pureed bananas, pears, applesauce and peaches are traditionally introduced to babies for fruit intake. Other fruits to try include creamy Hass avocados, pureed sour cherries (without the pits of course!), and pureed plums! Babies love sour fruits so babies…PUCKER UP! The more you introduce now, the more likely they’ll love them as they grow older.
This is your chance to get your baby to love vegetables! The ideal baby foods are pureed or strained green beans, well-cooked carrots, squash and sweet potatoes…but that doesn’t mean you can’t try other vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are packed with important nutrients that you can introduce to your baby as well. These include: broccoli, bok choy, kale, cabbage and brussel sprouts! Future headline: Baby Gaga for Veggies!
Make sure you wait at least three days before introducing a new food to your baby to prevent food allergic reactions! Happy baby food introducing!
Ask your parents what they first introduced to you as a baby and compare to the foods you love now.
Remember that you are setting the foundation for your baby and introducing a variety now is very important to reduce the chances of picky eaters later.
Moms: what did you introduce to your baby that they absolutely could not get enough of?
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