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6 Ways to STOP Sweet Cravings
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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I’ll admit it—sometimes a sweet craving just cannot be resisted. Fortunately, I’ve discovered a few tricks to keep the little cravings from turning into full-fledged junkfests. Here are my top 6 ways to curb those sneaky cravings:

Avoid Triggers and Remove Temptations
Whether we’re under stress or flying high, different things can trigger us to start cramming those unhealthy goods.  Keeping a food log is a good way to identify those things that trigger you to start craving. Once you identify those triggers, you can plan how to work your way around them. I also keep my pantry free and clear of anything I might be tempted to indulge on, or at the very least keep in low quantities. Better safe than sorry, right?

Eat Fully and Regularly
Sometimes a craving is no more than regular hunger gone unsatisfied for too long. That’s why eating three hearty meals every day and snacking regularly is essential. Make sure you’re getting enough healthy fats, complex carbs and proteins throughout your day. Staying very hydrated by drinking lots of water is also all important.

Increase Your Protein Intake
Sometimes our body feels a need for sugar when it’s actually lacking in protein. Make sure you’re getting the proper daily intake of protein you need. For adults, that’s a little more than 1/3 of a gram for every pound you weigh.

Exercise Frequently
We’ve been taught that exercise is just to get our blood pumping and our muscles from slacking. But believe it or not, our activity levels can actual have a big effect on how we crave food. That’s because so often we turn to junk food when we’re stressed or just plain bored!  Next time you’re eyeing the cookie jar (if you haven’t already emptied it) or the candy selection by the checkout aisle, see if a quick workout doesn’t allay your need for a sugar fix.

Give In a Little
It’s a funny thing about cravings—when we give ourselves a little allowance in the way of sweet eats, we don’t need them as much as we otherwise would. That which is forbidden, right? Stop making sugary stuff the enemy and give in to your desires a little bit. A small bite of dark chocolate can sometimes do just the trick for me.

How do you combat your sweet tooth?

By Mitzi Dulan with research assistance from Pam Majumdar

One thought on “6 Ways to STOP Sweet Cravings

  1. The working out one is so true! I find myself eating a lot healthier when I work out every day.
    A few years ago I read in a health magazine that when you’re craving sweets, you’re usually just dehydrated? Couldn’t remember the exact resource but I do drink water and it helps! Probably because I get my mind off of it.

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