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Meet My 2010 Virtual Internship Team!
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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As America´s Nutrition Expert®, I am continually looking to share my message to help more people. As an entrepreneur, I recognize the value of sharing and gaining knowledge from others. Last summer, I brought on six virtual interns who helped me in a variety of ways including:  research, assisting with blog posts, and also start to develop and hone their brands and philosophies by launching their own blogs and social media presence.

I am excited to introduce you to my awesome 2010 virtual intern team! My team  includes five NEW interns (Monica, Rob, Kaylee, Megan and Rachel) as well as two interns (Kristen and Pam) who have continued on with me since last fall. All seven interns are highly driven and self-motivated, which was definitely one of the top criteria I had in mind when going through the applications. Here’s some fun info on them:

Kristen Carlucci

School: University of Connecticut (’09-’11) & Tulane University (’05-’09)

Major: Dietetics + Communications

Internship: Coordinated Program at the University of Connecticut

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter + Banana Panini

Favorite Exercise: Dance and Bikram yoga!

Twitter: SimplySavor


“My internship with Mitzi has far exceeded my expectations, and the insight and advice I have gained from this experience has been invaluable,” says Kristen.  “Mitzi’s energy and passion for what she does is infectious, and she challenges each of her interns to discover his/her own talents and interests through the diverse and exciting projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on.  I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store!”


P. Monica Lobo

School: Northern Illinois University ’07

Major: Nutrition & Dietetics

Internship: Central Michigan University Dietetic Internship Graduate ’09

Hometown: Skokie, Illinois (North Shore suburb of Chicago)

Favorite Food: Monica has a crush on raspberry iced tea, is currently dating salmon, deeply in love with red velvet cupcakes and married to sushi & mint chocolates.

Favorite Exercise: Easy jogs, weight training, shooting hoops & playing drums on Rockband.

Twitter: dearnutrition


“What interested me the most about the opportunity of working with (Mitzi) is her willingness to play the role of an exceptional mentor for RDs-to-be,” says P. Monica. “Nutrition in the social media is definitely a whole new world I was never really exposed to, and I am thrilled and honored to be working with someone who is clearly passionate about what she does!”

Pam Majumdar

School: Old Dominion University ‘06

Major: Civil Engineering

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Favorite Food: “Sushi, avocados, and there’s nothing like a cold glass chocolate milk after a hard workout!”

Favorite Exercise: “Gymnastics is like my religion – to me, it’s the greatest sport in the world! I also enjoy weight training and am newly in love with hot yoga!”

Twitter: CHAMPM


“I have loved working with Mitzi and the other interns, and there was no question I wanted to continue learning from her,” says Pam. “Working in a virtual setting has opened my eyes to the value of a web presence and social media savvy, and it’s been an extraordinary opportunity to expand my skill set and learn from an exceptionally inspiring mentor.”


Rob Masterson

School: Michigan State University (undergrad), Central Michigan University (graduate level)

Major: Dietetics

Internship: Central Michigan University Dietetic Internship

Hometown: Stockbridge, MI

Favorite Food: “My mom makes the best Sheperd’s Pie, that’s my favorite, hands down.”

Favorite Exercise: “It’s kind of like having kids, I don’t really have a favorite. I LOVE playing soccer, basketball, and running! They’re ALL my favorites.”

Twitter: NutritionLately


“I hope to gain experience and insight into the more entrepreneurial and non-traditional roles a RD can have. Mitzi has found a niche in many areas of health and nutrition most dietitians never venture into, that was my draw, to take a path less traveled,” says Rob.

Kaylee O’Connell

School: University of Wisconsin- Madison

Major: Dietetics & Human Development and Family Studies

Hometown: Cedar Grove, WI

Favorite Food: Watermelon

Favorite Exercise: “An outside run on a crisp morning with my best friend!”

Twitter: HealthyRadiance

“Right now, I am exploring the many avenues available to dietitians. I am excited to learn about Mitzi’s area of dietetics,” says Kaylee. “In addition, I hope to build my abilities to take nutritional knowledge I have learned and present it in a way that is interesting and understandable to the general public.”

Megan Skinner

School: University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Major: Applied Human Nutrition

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Favorite food:  Blueberries, homemade sweet potato fries.

Favorite exercise: “Bikram yoga, and trying to work on my goal of 10 chin-ups!”

Twitter: futureRDmegan Updated: realeatsRD

“The opportunity to work with someone as knowledgeable and well-respected as Mitzi was what interested me most about working with her,” says Megan.  “She is truly passionate about health and nutrition, as well as being an incredible mentor to all of us interns.  I look forward to continuing to challenge myself as a member of this talented intern team!”

Rachel Yam

School: Boston University (undergrad); Brooklyn College (grad)

Major: Nutrition

Internship: N/A

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Favorite Food: Avocado

Favorite Exercise: Swimming, Volleyball

Twitter: YamRachel

“What most interested me about the opportunity of working with Mitzi was the opportunity to write for an audience that are not my usual ones (such as scientific papers/grant proposals for my professors),” says Rachel. “I am also interested in learning and utilizing social media as a way to reach a wider audience.

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