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America’s Nutrition Expert Supports First Lady’s Fight Against Childhood Obesity
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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On Tuesday, President Obama signed a Memorandum establishing a 90-day task force for tackling childhood obesity headed by his wife, Michelle. This task force consists of the private sector and government agencies who will work to coordinate effectively to encourage children to exercise more and adopt healthier eating habits. There has also been a $10 billion increase for the Child Nutrition Act to implement these changes for the next 10 years. On the same day, the First Lady introduced the Let’s Move campaign, a nationwide initiative that focuses on four key components:
  1. Healthy Choices to improve info/tools parents need to make changes desired
  2. Healthier Schools to improve quality of food in schools
  3. Physical Activity to get kids moving utilizing sports organizations to achieve goals
  4. Accessible & Affordable Healthy Food to eliminate food deserts in this country
“I wanted to bring the lessons I learned to the White House,” the First Lady explains, “Let’s Move is going to take families out of isolation and give them the nationwide support that they need in a whole range of industries to get their kids on track to live healthier lives, to eat right, to get more exercise, and to be ready to face the challenges of the future.”

What You Should Know

  • Childhood obesity rates have TRIPLED the last 30 years
  • 1 in 3 children are now either overweight or obese
  • Only 4% (elementary), 8% (middle school), 2% (high school) offer daily physical education

I’m thrilled with the messages that are coming out of the White House to help get our children fit in this country. It will take all of us as pediatricians, dietitians, parents, kids, politicians, teachers, etc. to make it happen but I feel that this is definitely a step in the right direction. Stay tuned as we will follow this campaign to get our kids fit and healthy!
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Written by Mitzi Dulan with research assistance provided by Monica Lobo.

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