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Mitzi’s Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight in 2010
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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Bryan and Mitzi 3I’m so grateful that I have a “job” that I get to help people. I get paid to do what I love! Here’s a photo of Bryan Busby, KMBC-9 Chief Meterologist, and I playing some tennis. I’m proud to report that Bryan has lost over 18 pounds since starting to work with me in November! He also dropped his fasting blood sugar over 100 points which has made his doctor very happy! All of this, over the holidays when most people gain weight!

Do you want to lose weight? If so, I’m here to help you too! Below are my top 10 ways I have successfully helped my clients to lose weight over the past 14 years.

1. STOP eating after dinner. This one is HUGE and helped me the most to lose weight after giving birth to my second child. I stopped eating a bowl of cereal before bed and shed the weight instead of feeding my body an extra 400 calories right before bed.

2. Avoid drinking any calories. Calories from juice, soda, high calorie Starbuck’s drinks don’t make you feel satisfied but do add significant calories to your day.. Did you know drinking an extra 150 calories a day can pack on an extra 15 pounds per year?

3. Avoid the clean plate syndrome:  I’m giving you permission to leave food on your plate, in fact, I’m encouraging it! Unfortunately, you aren’t helping the starving children of the world by stuffing yourself at mealtime. Please stop eating when you feel satisfied; not full, stuffed or sick.

4. Start lifting. I’m definitely an advocate of weight training and that is for all the ladies, too! Aim to do about 10-30 minutes of weight training 3 times per week. You can buy some inexpensive dumbbells at Wal-Mart or Target.

5. Eat real foods. Avoid artificial ingredients in your food. Aim to eat clean, real foods with simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce. Reading an ingredient label shouldn’t feel like taking a science test. I promise you will notice a difference and start feeler leaner by putting clean foods in your fuel tank. I recently developed 2-week weight loss meal plans if you want to know exactly what to eat to get you jumpstarted for permanent weight loss!

6. Avoid ALL alcohol for two weeks! Yes, that’s right- NO ALCOHOL for the next two weeks! I know you can do it and it will help to jumpstart your weight loss.

7. Get moving! Alternate jogging and walking with a goal of up to 30 minutes 5-6 days per week. (Always talk to your doctor first prior to starting an exercise program)

8. Record Your Food Intake Daily. Research shows that people who lose weight and maintain the weight loss are more likely to log their food intake. Food logging keeps them accountable. If you have an iPhone check out the Lose It application which allows you to log your food intake and track your weight loss.

9. Eat protein at every meal. Protein keeps you satisfied and prevents those food cravings from sabotaging your diet. Aim to get at least 20 grams at breakfast and 30 grams at lunch and dinner. An easy guide: 1 oz equals about 7 grams of protein.

10. Remove 5 highly processed foods from your diet. You want to eat fewer packaged and processed foods so write down your top 5 processed foods that you are throwing out of the refrigerator and pantry RIGHT NOW!

If you want an economical way to get exactly what I tell my weight loss clients to eat- check this out! My 2-week weight loss meal plans for your jumpstart towards weight loss that lasts!

Tell me what works best for you to drop weight!

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