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10 Tips for Intelligent Wellness
by Mitzi Dulan, RD, America’s Nutrition Expert®
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Healthy ManIt may not be easy, but the basics to getting fit and healthy are definitely simple. Keep these tips in mind as you strive for your healthiest life:

1. Discard “diet” from your vocabulary
Face it—every time we try to go on a “diet”, we fail. The word diet connotes limitations, and who wants a life that is defined by limits? Make healthy eating a permanent part of your lifestyle.

2. Nix the “all or nothing” mindset
You’re going to cave in and eat a cookie (or whatever your sweet tooth craves) once in a while. Instead of feeling guilty and then eating the whole jarful, know that you’re going to take a bite now and then. Eat one cookie and forget about it!

3. Don’t change all your eating habits at once
It can be overwhelming to consider everything you want to change. Instead of trying to eliminate all your unhealthy eating habits immediately, make one change per week. Let go of sugary drinks one week, and add on another change, such as forgoing potato chips, the next. Small changes are easier to implement, and the results add up!

4. Stay motivated
Keep reminding yourself of your personal reasons for eating right (overall health, losing weight, looking good for an important event, feeling more confident). Celebrate all the little successes along the way.

5. Get the facts
There are far too many diet fads out there, and a lot of them can be misleading. Try not to get caught up in lofty promises, and remember to keep it simple. Fresh, unprocessed, and homemade are usually all the food guidelines you need to follow in order to be healthy.

6. Make no excuses
Stick to the healthy eating changes you are making, even if doing so is difficult. That being said, don’t feel guilty about caving in on that dish of ice cream or other sugary craving now and then! Also, don’t wait for New Year’s to kickstart your healthiest eating habits—now is always the best time to begin.

7. Slow down
We all lead hectic lives with countless obligations and mind-numbingly packed schedules. Little steps to tone down the frantic pace can help you eat right. Slow down and savor every bite you take—you’ll get full faster than you think and resist overeating. Take a few minutes to pack your lunch for the office so that you’re not tempted by the snack machine or the nearest fast food stop.

8. Brush your teeth soon after dinner
Studies have shown that brushing your teeth can curb your desire to eat. And why not? Who feels like eating with the taste of fresh peppermint toothpaste in their mouth? Brush early to avoid the nighttime refrigerator raids!

9. Log your intake
What you eat, when you eat, and what triggers you to eat may surprise you. Keep a simple log every day for a week and see if you notice any trends that may be fueling unhealthy habits such as overeating, incessant snacking, etc.

10. Remember to exercise!
No matter what you are eating, don’t forget to exercise! It is essential for your health. (See my post on “5 Most Common Fitness Myths”). It’s not only great for your heart, but it’s been shown to curb hunger and help you sleep better.

2 thoughts on “10 Tips for Intelligent Wellness

  1. I so agree with you on item No. 8! I do that every evening and it really helps me to NOT eat any more in the evening. Out of all the lists I have seen for health and wellness online, I’ve not see anyone point that out. So, kudos to you!

  2. All of these I definately agree with #10,#1, #2, And #3 the most to be honest. I think for the main thing, it’s mostly mental when you are dieting. If you diet, you’re more or less mentally forcing yourself to go all out and change completely when in fact, you’re really only modifying a tiny portion of your eating habits.

    At least, that’s hwo I think. Great list. 🙂

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