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The All-Pro Diet: Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Live Like a Championn
A perennial Pro-Bowler, NFL tight end Tony Gonzalez has been an unstoppable force for all of his 12 years in the NFL. But for a long time, he ate like an average American: red meat, pizza, fast food, whatever was plentiful and convenient. Concerned about his long-term, post-career health, Tony decided to change his diet. With the help of Mitzi Dulan, nutritionist for the Kansas City Chiefs and the Kansas City Royals, Tony embarked on a revolutionary new clean-eating and exercise regimen that changed his life, elevated his physical and mental performance, and resulted in dramatic, measurable improvements on and off the field. It was this dietary change that led him to break two NFL records – most touchdowns and receptions by any tight end in NFL history – in a single season.
Now in The All-Pro Diet, Gonzalez reveals the program, low in animal protein and high in whole organic plant-based and unprocessed foods, that has given him more strength, stamina, and energy than ever before. The first-ever diet and fitness plan from an NFL player, this book will show you how to make simple lifestyle changes and dietary adjustments so you can feel stronger, healthier, and more
The All-Pro Diet includes:
  • Meal plans designed to take the guesswork out of making smart food choices21
  • An array of delicious and wholesome recipes for every meal
  • Tony’s Ultimate Fitness Program-no weight machines required
  • The 8-Point Plan of Attack for achieving the All-Pro Mindset
Awesome Book
I have been waiting for this book for a year now,and I was not disappointed! As a strength coach I am always looking for ways to improve the performance of my athletes on the field and on the court.This book has it.No fluff just the real stuff! Mitzi Dulan has guided me on how to have my high school athletes eat on game day and how to eat better to perform at a higher level than most high school athletes.
Coaches do your self and your team a huge favor buy the book.It takes all the guess work out of what to eat and when to eat it.Mitzi also has a DVD out that is very helpful as well.
- Joe Hallman
C.B South Strength coach Doylestown, Pa
Motivating Read!
I really enjoy reading books about health and nutrition, and this is one of the best that I have read! The breakdown of the information made me feel incredibly motivated and that this "diet" (actually lifestyle change) was something I could do. The book reaches all audiences, from incredible athletes to the average Joe sitting behind a desk all day. Any person, in any state of activity or lifestyle, will find inspiration from this book. I especially loved the nutrition tips from Mitzi Dulan, R.D. Her expertise opinions made the book credible and fun. A highly recommended read for any one!
- K. OConnell
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