- Mitzi Dulan, America's Nutrition Expert - https://nutritionexpert.com -

10 Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner. With Halloween comes candy, chocolate and unhealthy treats galore. This may seem like heaven for children, but for those of us watching our waste-lines, it spells disaster. Fortunately, it is still possible to enjoy this holiday like a child, and have tasty treats without going on calorie overload. Try these scrumptious treats; it is guaranteed that you will not even be thinking about that candy bar.

1. Wicked Pumpkin Soup:

2. Spooky Spiced Popcorn:

3. Haunted Pumpkin Seeds:

4. Trick or Treat Trail Mix:

5. Ghoulish Halloween Pumpkin Bread:

6. Brain Cell Delight:

7. Gruesome Pumpkin Pancakes:

8. Spider Pretzels:

9. Vampire Blood Smoothie:

10. Bewitched Baked Apples:

With assistance provided by Colleen Poling [1]