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A Secret To Enabling Your Passion

A Secret To Enabling Your PassionAs a nutrition and fitness blogger and author of The Pinterest Diet: How to Pin Your Way Thin [1]I absolutely love to pin healthy recipes, workout plans, and inspirational quotes on Pinterest. I am so grateful that my passion is also my work so it doesn’t really feel like work. The other BIG bonus that makes my work incredibly rewarding is that I get to help others change their lives to get healthy. There’s nothing better than hearing from someone who has lost weight or started working out after hearing me speak or reading my blog or books.

A secret to enabling my passion was making it easier for me to pin anytime, anywhere. I was able to do this by getting an iPad with Membership Reward® points [2] from American Express. With my iPad, I can easily pin new clean eating recipes for my clients and followers to try. I also pin new workout plans that I know will be challenging and effective for my clients and myself. I have even recorded video of different exercises to share with my clients through my iPad. I often find new must-try recipes online and love organizing on Pinterest. My family (hubby and 2 daughters) love tasting the new recipes I create in my kitchen. One of my favorite things about my iPad is it is like a recipe box holding thousands of healthy recipes, workout plans and inspirational quotes to help me get my followers fit and healthy. It allows me to be a virtual nutritionist and personal trainer for my followers since they can access all the information I share on their Smartphone with the Pinterest app.

In The Pinterest Diet [1], I tell everyone to “Pin 10” every day to help them stay inspired and motivated to get healthy and fit. This means you should take at least 10 minutes every single day to pin items that will keep you motivated and inspired to stay on a healthy path. This could be items that you will reward yourself with if you meet a specific goal or perhaps you want for a gift. You can also pin inspirational quotes. Below I’ve shared 3 of my favorites!

Top 3 Pins To Get You Inspired to Stay Healthy and Fit

I am so happy that I was able to get our family an iPad thanks to #Membership Rewards points from American Express. It allows me to enjoy my passion and help others at the same time! What is your favorite passion? Let us know how you have used Membership Rewards in the past to Make sure you check out all the different ways you can enable your passion with Membership Rewards points [2] and please share your personal stories with me!

 I was selected by American Express to help educate consumers about Membership Rewards. As such, I was paid for my services, but tips and opinions shared about American Express and #Membership Rewards are my own.