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Greek Yogurt Covered Frozen Strawberries

It’s time for back to school! Surprise your kids with this refreshing, delicious and nutritious treat when they get home. It’s also a recipe that is super simple and fun for the kids to help make in the kitchen. California strawberries are a perfect snack for kids as they only have 45 calories for 8 strawberries which makes it fun for me to work with the folks at the California Strawberry Commission. I help to spread the latest strawberry science and also delicious recipes that families can enjoy.

This recipes is also a smart choice since it uses Greek yogurt which is higher in protein and lower in sugar.

Greek Yogurt Frozen California Strawberries [1]

Greek Yogurt Frozen California Strawberries

Greek Yogurt Covered California Strawberries
Makes 3 servings

6 California strawberries
½ cup nonfat Greek Vanilla Yogurt
Wax paper

Place a piece of wax paper on countertop. Put the Greek yogurt in a wide bowl. Slice off tops of strawberries and make sure they are dry. Then twist each strawberry in a circle to create a smooth, evenly distributed coat of Greek yogurt on the strawberry. Place coated strawberries onto wax paper and place in freezer for about 2 hours.