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Pumpkin Power

It’s the season for pumpkins! If your family likes to carve them, bake with them, or use them for decorations you can still reap the benefits of the bright orange pumpkin. First, some facts about pumpkins:

Since pumpkins are of an orange color that means, like carrots and peppers, they are chock-full of vitamins A and Potassium, magnesium and zinc. Pumpkins are low in calories ( naturally 49 cal/cup) and low in carbs ( 12g/cup) and 3 g of those carbs are fiber they also contain “some” protein at 2g/cup. Pumpkin seeds, which are often roasted contain 44% of the RDA for Zinc (1 cup), 42% of the RDA for magnesium (1 cup) and, 12% of the RDA for Iron ( 1 cup).

Here are some ideas of what you can do with those nutritious orange orbs, besides a pie.


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