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Get Fit with Resistance Bands

Have you heard of resistance bands? I love these resistance bands, because the most fantastic benefit is their simplicity! They are easy to use. They are very light and portable. This makes it easy to do exercises with these almost anywhere. One band can be used for many different exercises. They are very inexpensive. The bands empower you to take control over your difficulty level. The bands help utilize many muscle groups at one time. They increase coordination. They add variety to your workout. These bands are great for any age group.When doing exercises with these for only 10 minutes a day you will be able to see improvements in your strength, flexibility and range of movement.

There are five colors of the bands, each with a different difficulty levels. Depending on your strength level, you can see which level band would fit your exercise plan by reading the descriptions of each below. The taller you are the more the band will stretch, so the harder it is.

Yellow-Extra Light- For small muscle groups. This is great for the small muscle groups of the upper body

Green-Light- For small to medium muscle groups. This is great for upper body and beginner lower body work.

Red-Medium- For medium muscle groups. This is for intermediate level users. It is good for lower body moves.

Blue-Heavy- For medium to large muscle groups. This is great for advanced upper body work and intermediate lower body training.

Black-Extra heavy- For large muscle groups. This is the most advanced band. It is great for serious athletes and perfect for advanced lower body training.

Tips for using the resistance bands:

Click here for a great website with visuals and explanations to some exercise with the resistance bands [1].

Try the resistance bands today!

With assistance provided by Colleen Poling [2]