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Foodie Friday: Lentils

[1]Lentils are an often overlooked delicious source of both protein and fiber. A staple of the East, this legume is a given in any East Indian household or restaurant, and comes in assorted colors (red, green, yellow, black) that give it varying flavors.

While often combined with rice or bread in India (the largest producer in the world of the legume), lentils can also be consumed on their own, very much like a soup. Because of their high protein content, lentils are a staple of choice for vegetarians the world over.

Their popularity is proven, and here are some reasons why I think lentils should be at the top of your healthy comfort foods list:

Have you tried lentils? Do you eat them alone, or combine with other foods?

Assistance provided by Pam Majumdar [2]