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Top 5 Foods to Avoid During Allergy Season

It’s that time of the year again. When you can’t help but wonder what you could possibly do to relieve spring allergy symptoms without having to feel drowsy from anti-allergy medications. According to studies, more than one-third of individuals who have seasonal allergies experience oral allergy syndrome (OAS) which involves itchiness and/or tingling of the mouth, lip and throat, more specifically after eating certain foods. Below is a list of foods to avoid during allergy season to help prevent OAS from worsening, and also to avoid developing minor allergies from these foods since your body can easily mistake some of these foods as pollen (called “cross-reaction”).

Top 5 Foods to Avoid to Prevent OAS

  1. Apples (Alder pollen)
  2. Potatoes (Birch pollen)
  3. Tomatoes (Grass pollen)
  4. Celery (Mugwort pollen)
  5. Bananas (Ragweed pollen)

You can actually check the current pollen count in your area by going on websites like www.aaaai.org/nab [1] (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology National Allergy Bureau [1]).

So what should you eat? According to research studies, eating high-antioxidant foods as well as foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (found in fatty fish such as salmon) can help individuals with respiratory allergies. Stay tuned next week for a more extensive post on what foods to eat!

Research assistance provided by Monica Lobo, RD. [2]