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The P90X Phenomenon- Is it for You?

[1]Have you heard all the talk about P90X? It’s one of the hottest workouts today, formulated by Tony Horton through his BeachBody brand.  The multi-workout, 90-day system is devised to get its participants “ripped” through its use of muscle confusion to make sure your body avoids plateaus and doesn’t get bored. The program is an at-home system with 12 DVDs, fitness and nutrition guides, supplement options and online support.

I have not personally used the P90X system, but there are some telling details about the program that I think have contributed to its success and popularity, and lessons to be learned.


At about $120, the price is a little steep, but comparable to three months’ membership at a local gym.


The program says results will be visible in 90 days. Ninety days is a steep commitment, even with once-weekly rest days. One of the most challenging aspects of developing healthy exercise habits is achieving consistency. When you’re committed to a certain program, formal or informal, for 90 days, it’s easy to see how your body could get used to the initial discomfort of exercise, and that’s definitely a good thing.


P90X is basically an all-in-one system, and except for resistance bands and other accoutrements that are needed for workouts, everything you need is packaged together for use at home and hotel alike. It’s this convenience that is so very tempting for today’s hectic, global and mobile lifestyles.

Nutrition/Fitness Emphases

P90X focuses on fitness as well as nutrition, and the program advises participants to take proactive measures with their dietary intake as well as their level of workout. Many programs emphasize one over the other, but these lifestyle habits go hand in hand. As I said, I have not tried P90X, nor have I examined their nutrition suggestions, but I love a dual focus on fitness and nutrition.

Have you tried P90X? What are your thoughts?

What did it take for you to keep your commitment to fitness? What tricks help you to fit your workouts in your busy schedule?

By Mitzi with research assistance provided by Pam Majumdar [2]