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Sign Up for a Local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)

Hi All!

It’s summertime! With summer, comes delicious and nutritious foods from the farm.

To enjoy the great local food in your area visit www.localharvest.org [1]! It is a great website for finding farmers markets, family farms and CSAs near you! Personally, I pick up my two bags of groceries every Saturday morning for $25 and get an assortment of yummy foods from local farmers. My girls love going with me to pick up our “food from the farmers” and then I make a full meal entirely from my CSA food on either Saturday or Sunday night for the family. Actually, we might enjoy a bottle of wine with the meal as well which is not included in the CSA:)

So, try to buy local whenever possible to support the local environment, economy and community and decrease the number of “food miles” to your plate.

Happy Eating!