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Fish Oil Favorite

I am often asked about fish oils and my personal favorite is the Ultimate Omega from Nordic Naturals. You can even get it for about a 15% discount if purchased through www.iherb.com [1]. Aim to eat fish at least twice weekly in your diet and consult with your physician prior to taking fish oils.

The American Heart Association’s 2006 Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations:
-Patients without documented CHD eat a variety of fish, preferably oily, at least twice a week
-Patients with documented CHD are advised to consume 1 gram of EPA plus DHA per day, preferably from oily fish. EPA plus DHA supplements could be considered in consultation with their physician
-Individuals with hypertriglyceridemia, under a physician’s care, can consume 2-4 g of EPA plus DHA per day.

Be aware that at the 3-4 gm level of fish oil it can have potential blood thinning effects so make sure you discuss with your physician.

There is also some interesting research related to the anti-inflammatory benefits of fish oils and some for children with ADHD.